Monday, May 2


The USA seem to have the most amazing yarn shops! I havent seen anything in the UK that could even attempt to rival these stores. For example when my boyfriend and i moved we spotted a shop called 'bits and bobbins' on the high street. I got all excited and we went to investigate. I walked in to find a scary lady sat knitting behind the counter, and overall a very bland and uninviting shop. So i headed to the dusty corner containing the wool. Rather unsurprisingly the only choice available was the colour and amount you wanted your 100% acrylic wool in. Even worse when i snuck a glance at what the lady was knitting i saw that she was using Rowan wool! and she didnt even stock it. Here in Birmingham the only place i know to buy wool is a small section in Beaties which only stretches to Rowan and Sirdar. When i see pictures of American stores im so jealous there are masses of different brands of yarn and i hear stories of their friendly atmosphere where people sit and knit. Why cant i find a knitting haven! Perhaps im merely not looking hard enough.. but for now i guess im doomed to buy yarn over the web if i want something other than Rowan.


Becky said...

I so totally agree with you - it is such a shame that we don't have anything like those American stores over here in the UK. I don't think we are alone in wishing that there were more local stores where you could just sit and knit and get gawgeous yarns. My local yarn store, like yours, has an old lady selling acrylic in it - not very inspiring.

If I didn't have a two year old, and I had loads of money - I would open a shop myself - now would so be the time to do it, unfortunately, circumstances don't permit me. I'll just have to carry on dreaming !

Tracy said...

I have one shop nearby that sells Rowan and Jaegar exclusively. The only problem is she keeps such a small stock in, if you want anything you have to order it in. That's all very well, but when I make the actual trip I want the stuff there and then. Other than that, it's a bleak old part of the world. The only way to console myself is internet shopping I'm afraid.

Emily said...

Perhaps the shopping is better in london? My sister lives in london so if anyone knows any good wool shops there i may have to pay a visit!