Tuesday, May 10

How WOOL saved my degree!

I set my alarm for 7.00 AM this morning to do some last minute preparation for the presentation unfortunately i neglected to specify between am and pm! and it didnt go off. I only got to sleep at about 2.30 so i definately wouldnt have woken up in time on my own. But at 7.30 the doorbell rang! the postie came delivering my latest parcel of wool! and if he hadnt done so i dont want to even think about what would have happened!
The strangest thing is that the postie normally comes at around 10.00am these days and all of a sudden when i really needed to be woken up at 7.30 am he arrives really early! bizarre! perhaps wool is bringing good karma into my life or something...
And here are the contents of that wonderful parcel!

Anyway as for the presentation, it seemed to go without a hitch and they were some people who's were clearly better than me but there were also people who were worse so i feel confident in my averageness! Having said that one of my mates sneaked a peek at one of the markers score sheets after mine and saw that he had given me 67% which is wicked cos its a high 2:1 and im very chuffed with that.


Steph said...

See? Knitting is good for you!

Steph said...
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Jeni said...

Oh! All I just wrote was deleted!!
Thanks for Bidding on my yarn, Email me at fyberspates@btinternet.com, i've got some mohair left!!