Sunday, May 22

A Finished Object! Thats new!

I havent updated in ages but i have been taking random photos of the tanktop so you can see the finishing touches all in one go!

This is how it was looking after i'd finished the front and back pieces. Matching the colours either side of the V was a bitch i can tell you! I really do not know what i was thinking using Noro for this project!

And after i'd finished the neck and one armhole..

Et Voila! Here it is in all its finished glory! well.. as long as you dont look inside its finished. I have the worlds supply of ends inside to try and sort out. Plus it does need blocking to flatten the ribbed neck edging.

As this tanktop has been progressing ive gone from loving the wool and loving the tanktop design to being not very sure about it at all.. So we'll see have to wait and see how much light of day it see's. Im just not sure about the frequency of the stripes i feel it makes me look frumpy! Hence the lack of a picture of me modelling it!

In other news my exam on monday was awful and i may not have even passed... Roll on the next one.. which is thursday by the way, so if i disappear into a black hole again for a week you know it didnt go well!


Becky said...

Hey I really like that tank top - I've never done a v-neck before - was it difficult ? It looks very professional.

Becky said...

I meant to say - I studied Archaeology and History at Uni - some years ago - but I'm right there with you re the exams - good luck I hope all goes well for you - I still have bad dreams about Uni finals - I wake up in a cold sweat - hope yours is a pleasenter experience.

Emily said...

Becky:The V was fairly easy, it was my first attempt at it tho! You just have to put half the stitches on a holder while you do one side then pick them up again afterwards.
So do you work in archaeology? I need some reassurance that i can actually get a job with ths degree!