Sunday, May 8

Did someone let a frog in?

Lucky and i have had a falling out... Ive started the lace pattern about four times now and each time it has resulted in me ripping her off the needles! The first couple of times i was just getting used to the pattern and making stupid mistakes. But then when i thought i'd finally cracked it i realised the top hole of my clovers were off to one side and in completely the wrong place! So ive ripped it yet again and slung it to one side for now. Maybe once this presentation is over with i'll have the patience to sit down with lucky and start over. I shall not be beaten! Not by lucky anyway..

I also blame lucky for the order i placed with dragon yarns yesterday... she drove me to it!!
I bought some black wool so i can start the leftover tanktop and something else accidently fell into my shopping basket.. but i'll show you that when it arrives.

P.s. Sign up for secret pal 5!

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