Tuesday, May 24

Can you tell what it is yet?

Well, can you?

Since the tanktop only used four skeins of Noro i still had six left to play with! I fancied playing around with a small project and then i remembered this pattern from Black Sheep Bags. The last time i felted something was when i made the cat bed for Oscar and it was quite good fun. Plus the way Noro colurs all smoosh together when felted looks really funky. I started this yesterday and whilst it doesnt look like much in this picture im hoping it'll look great once felted. Cant wait to show you the finished result!


blueadt said...

I must knit some of these - our cats would LOVE them. The Noro will look fantastic felted. What did you block it on to keep the shape?

Emily said...

I blocked the catbed on a round biscuit tin with a towel folded and squished around the outside. This was after trying a pie dish and a waste paper bin!
I fear i may have to be even more inventive when blocking the bag!
If your interested in knitting the kittybed yourself the pattern is on Wendy Knits blog. She has a gallery of all the beds people have made and some of the pictures are so adorable!!