Tuesday, April 12

Withdrawl Symptoms

Its been far too long since ive had any time to just sit down and have a good knit! Im definately feeling it too, ive been getting so stressed out about silly little things.
Knitting seems to help me relax but unfortunately with the last piece of furniture built and the flat reaching a state of normality i must now tear myself away from all the sorting and tidying to do some revision! my finals are in a few weeks and my brain just hasnt been registering this fact!

I swear i think i will go completely mad if i hear another excuse from my darling boyfriend as to why the spice rack is still very much detatched from the wall!

On a happier note my poor little cat Oscar had his stitches out yesterday and is doing just fine! Even the vet is completely puzzled as to how he injured himself in the first place as it didnt look like a dog bite afterall though they havent ruled out the fact that someone may have deliberately hurt him :(
The poor little mite has just had his street cred completely flattened as the vet shaved all of his backside to stitch it and he looks so funny with a bare arse!

Anyway i finally uncovered the digital camera in a box yesterday so i may post some pics of my DIY masterpieces!

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