Friday, April 29

Review - Simply Knitting 2

Yet again im very impressed with Simply Knitting. All the patterns are interesting and cater for everything! my favourite being the wrap in kidsilk haze. It has very interesting articles and fun competitions which i am a sucker for. Hey if i won i'd get more yarn for my stash! not that i really have one im so poor! I really like their diary which features various different knitting events which will be occurring around the country this month. In fact there is going to be a Bags 2 Knit workshop in Beatties in Birmingham which is my LYS... should i go? I really like the rowan cotton cardi pattern, it will definately go in the file. And if anyone is looking for a knitting club they include a section where clubs can advertise their local meeting place. Overall it makes for a good afternoon read with patterns i shall definately be keeping!


Anonymous said...


I'm Becky, 21, and took up knitting properly just recently (a 6 foot scarf is in progress :).

I stumbled across your blog because I tried to find information on the net on the whereabouts of "Simply Knitting" issue 2. I couldn't find it in any shop around where I live (Cardiff) even though the magazine was due to appear on April 28th :(

Anyway, all the best and keep up the knitting spirit ! :)

Emily said...

Hi i dont know whether you'll check back but you can subscribe to simply knitting at this website:
Alternatively call 0870 837 4722
I would definately recommend the magazine! Ive already placed a subscription. If you subscribe now you get a free bamboo needle set.
Im starting to sound like a sales rep arent i?

Becky said...

Thanks for the link. I'll probably subscribe the magazine in the near future (limited funds ... student-to-be). I bought the first issue just by chance and was instantly hooked on it :)

*must get 2nd issue from somewhere*

Emily said...

perhaps you can order a single issue over the phone? but you must get it cos there is a pattern for a gorgeous shawl in kid silk haze in there!

P.s. Knitting is a perfectly acceptable thing to spend a student loan on... thats what i do anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I too couldn't get hold of issue 2 after getting hooked on issue 1. I have subscribed but from issue 3 and have had to order issue 2 as a back issue. The cost is £1 extra for postage but I think it is worth it. Just call the subscription telephone no.

BW Lorraine.