Friday, April 29


oops... i went to town and just look what happened!

The Sirdar cotton is what i shall be using for my lucky clover wrap when the pattern finally arrives! It wasnt exactly the colour i wanted but it was so much cheaper than the rowan 4ply cotton. I am a student after all. In order to find out how much i needed to buy i had to go into a book shop and find a copy of stitch and bitch nation. It was during this process that i accidently picked up the stitch and bitch guide too.... ah well. I also picked up the new issue of simply knitting which i shall give a review of once ive had a chance to sit down and read it.

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I'm planning on making the clover wrap in sirdar as well. I hate compromising on anything (especially yarn) but why does the expensive stuff have to be soooo tempting!