Wednesday, April 27

It's a monster!

The back of Chris's huuuuuuge jumper is done! whew!

It is scarily large! but he wants it big, i just hope it isnt too big! Anyway it may have to be put on hold for a little while since my Noro should be arriving soon and ive decided to knit the leftover tanktop from knitty which is designed by Alison of the Blue Blog. Even though technically im not using leftovers i have hunted for a nice tanktop pattern for ages and this one is the nicest shape. I may even steal a ball or two from the jumper wool to use for the edging.

Ive also joined the Lucky Clover knit along because ive been eyeing up similar wraps to this for a while plus ive never been involved in a KAL before. I wont be able to get started on it for a while though as im still waiting for my copy of Stitch and Bitch Nation to arrive and then i'll have to invest in some more yarn.

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