Tuesday, April 19


Well the mittens are finally finished (my easy weekend knit which turned into something which spanned 3 weeks!)

And here they are! the mittens that seemed to take an age to make and now it's too warm to wear them.
And with that boost of knitting enthusiasm i have cast on my next project, I will be attempting my first ever jumper! Its going to be for my boyfriend so fingers crossed it goes well. Im using a pattern out of the Noro Knits pattern book which is full of really nice items but i unfortunately cant afford to actually use Noro wool. Ive substituted it for a charcoal coloured Elle tweed which he seems to like. Its also alot cheaper as its only 40% wool... i know i know evil acrylic! but im poor! Anyway he wants it to be huge so i have a feeling its going to be on my needles for some time! I also have a feeling i'll probably get majorly side tracked by other more brightly coloured projects along the way.

I picked up a copy of the new knitting magazine 'Simply Knitting' yesterday and i have to say i was very impressed. The patterns are modern, the articles were interesting; i really enjoyed reading it. There is a pattern in there for a baby's hoodie which makes me wanna have kids just so i can knit it! Consequently i have already placed a subscription and i eagerly await May's issue and the free bamboo needles which come with the subscription. There was a little too much fake fur knits in for my taste but the reviews of the different fur options actually made me wanna experiment.
If anyone else out there read this magazine and has an opinion on it i'd love to hear from you!
And if you haven't..... check it out!

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