Friday, April 29

Review - Simply Knitting 2

Yet again im very impressed with Simply Knitting. All the patterns are interesting and cater for everything! my favourite being the wrap in kidsilk haze. It has very interesting articles and fun competitions which i am a sucker for. Hey if i won i'd get more yarn for my stash! not that i really have one im so poor! I really like their diary which features various different knitting events which will be occurring around the country this month. In fact there is going to be a Bags 2 Knit workshop in Beatties in Birmingham which is my LYS... should i go? I really like the rowan cotton cardi pattern, it will definately go in the file. And if anyone is looking for a knitting club they include a section where clubs can advertise their local meeting place. Overall it makes for a good afternoon read with patterns i shall definately be keeping!


oops... i went to town and just look what happened!

The Sirdar cotton is what i shall be using for my lucky clover wrap when the pattern finally arrives! It wasnt exactly the colour i wanted but it was so much cheaper than the rowan 4ply cotton. I am a student after all. In order to find out how much i needed to buy i had to go into a book shop and find a copy of stitch and bitch nation. It was during this process that i accidently picked up the stitch and bitch guide too.... ah well. I also picked up the new issue of simply knitting which i shall give a review of once ive had a chance to sit down and read it.

Wednesday, April 27

It's a monster!

The back of Chris's huuuuuuge jumper is done! whew!

It is scarily large! but he wants it big, i just hope it isnt too big! Anyway it may have to be put on hold for a little while since my Noro should be arriving soon and ive decided to knit the leftover tanktop from knitty which is designed by Alison of the Blue Blog. Even though technically im not using leftovers i have hunted for a nice tanktop pattern for ages and this one is the nicest shape. I may even steal a ball or two from the jumper wool to use for the edging.

Ive also joined the Lucky Clover knit along because ive been eyeing up similar wraps to this for a while plus ive never been involved in a KAL before. I wont be able to get started on it for a while though as im still waiting for my copy of Stitch and Bitch Nation to arrive and then i'll have to invest in some more yarn.

Monday, April 25

Please Help Me!!

Ok i bought this wool on ebay absolutely ages ago, it's a Kilcarra of Donegal aran tweed and its just sitting in my stash waiting to be used. I absolutely love the colour but just cant seem to decide what to do with it. I have about 650g and I am appealing to anyone out there who may stumble across my blog and read this! Please leave me a comment and tell me what i should do with this wool!!!

A Formal Introduction

And now a formal introduction to my furry friends!
This is Boysey, named after the character from Only Fools and Horses. He lives with my parents and is getting quite old now in fact his black bits are going grey! Here he has sneakily stolen a cat nap in the bed i knitted for Oscar.

Scooter lives with Chris and I, he is only three and when i have finished my degree and moved back in with Chris we hope to get him a little friend. We'll both be out at work everyday and i worry he'll get bored and lonely! well thats my excuse and im sticking to it...

And last but not least, Oscar who also lives with my parents. He is a little sweetheart if a bit too adventurous! But he is recovering well from his injury and once his fur grows back he will be fine.


Just thought i'd post a pic of how Chris's jumper was progressing. I have to keep going for another couple of inches before i can start shaping the armholes.

Yesterday i got the train back to Birmingham ready for my exams so im feeling a little low about leaving Chris and my family behind for another five weeks. So to cheer myself up i decided to treat myself with some wool! I am now the proud owner of.... (drum roll please) 500g of Noro Kureyon! I bid on it on Ebay and won. I just cant wait to get hold of it and start knitting!!

I bought the wool from the yarn-sweaterstore (an ebay shop) which i highly recommend. They are based in the UK but sell overseas too and they have a great range of yarns that are sometimes difficult to get hold of.

Thursday, April 21


This is the pattern im using for chris's jumper from the Noro Knits pattern book.
This is definately a pattern book i would recommend, all of the patterns are modern and stylish and they seem to be fairly straightforward. so far ive only used two of the patterns but they really are very easy.
You can get this pattern book at the Laughing Hens online store which is one of my favourite places to buy yarn and books.

My First Jumper

This is the wonderfully colourful wool my darling boyfriend has chosen for his jumper! Isnt it lovely? well as you can see in the pic im progressing steadily with it so far, almost finished the ribbed section. Im already getting itchy fingers to knit something more colourful and exciting though... my student loan comes in next week and im going to have to really hold back to not spend it on more wool!!!

Tuesday, April 19


Well the mittens are finally finished (my easy weekend knit which turned into something which spanned 3 weeks!)

And here they are! the mittens that seemed to take an age to make and now it's too warm to wear them.
And with that boost of knitting enthusiasm i have cast on my next project, I will be attempting my first ever jumper! Its going to be for my boyfriend so fingers crossed it goes well. Im using a pattern out of the Noro Knits pattern book which is full of really nice items but i unfortunately cant afford to actually use Noro wool. Ive substituted it for a charcoal coloured Elle tweed which he seems to like. Its also alot cheaper as its only 40% wool... i know i know evil acrylic! but im poor! Anyway he wants it to be huge so i have a feeling its going to be on my needles for some time! I also have a feeling i'll probably get majorly side tracked by other more brightly coloured projects along the way.

I picked up a copy of the new knitting magazine 'Simply Knitting' yesterday and i have to say i was very impressed. The patterns are modern, the articles were interesting; i really enjoyed reading it. There is a pattern in there for a baby's hoodie which makes me wanna have kids just so i can knit it! Consequently i have already placed a subscription and i eagerly await May's issue and the free bamboo needles which come with the subscription. There was a little too much fake fur knits in for my taste but the reviews of the different fur options actually made me wanna experiment.
If anyone else out there read this magazine and has an opinion on it i'd love to hear from you!
And if you haven't..... check it out!

Tuesday, April 12

Withdrawl Symptoms

Its been far too long since ive had any time to just sit down and have a good knit! Im definately feeling it too, ive been getting so stressed out about silly little things.
Knitting seems to help me relax but unfortunately with the last piece of furniture built and the flat reaching a state of normality i must now tear myself away from all the sorting and tidying to do some revision! my finals are in a few weeks and my brain just hasnt been registering this fact!

I swear i think i will go completely mad if i hear another excuse from my darling boyfriend as to why the spice rack is still very much detatched from the wall!

On a happier note my poor little cat Oscar had his stitches out yesterday and is doing just fine! Even the vet is completely puzzled as to how he injured himself in the first place as it didnt look like a dog bite afterall though they havent ruled out the fact that someone may have deliberately hurt him :(
The poor little mite has just had his street cred completely flattened as the vet shaved all of his backside to stitch it and he looks so funny with a bare arse!

Anyway i finally uncovered the digital camera in a box yesterday so i may post some pics of my DIY masterpieces!

Monday, April 4

The Saga Continues...

Ok so... one coffee table, tv unit, bookcase, chest of drawers and a triple door wardrobe later and i feel like i could happily tackle the most complicated flat pack furniture ikea has to offer with minimal difficulty! Sadly it is still not finished! we have one more wardrobe to build.. then hopefully we will have enough space to finally empty the remaining boxes. (fingers crossed) Finally we have the lounge looking like a lounge apart from the lack of curtains...
Anyway i have made little progress with any knitting of any sort but i have finished the cuff of the second mitten... at this rate they wont be finished by christmas!

Sadly my mom's cat Oscar was injured over the weekend we think possibly bitten by a dog. This left him with a nasty open wound at the base of his tail and consequently has spent today at the vets having it stitched. Anyone reading this please send him get well soon vibes!!

Friday, April 1

Moving House

Apologies for the lack of posting for a week now but i have been moving house! My bf and i have just moved into a lovely little flat but i have to say it has been a very stressful week! Phone line was put in yesterday so i grabbed this opportunity to update my blog.
When they say moving house is the second most stressful thing you can do they are definately right. Especially when you have to keep going to various DIY places to buy furniture and curtains cos the ones you have dont fit the window! So alot of this week has involved heavy lifting and carrying, cleaning, assembling flat pack furniture and cutting curtains down to size! hence i have no new knitting to show you!!
On the plus side our little kitty Scooter seems to be very happy with the move as our window ledge appears to be a common roosting area for pigeons! so he sits for hours on the other side of the glass tormenting himself.
Anyway hopefully i will be able to post something more interesting when im not as surrounded by boxes as i currently am!