Thursday, March 24

Completely out of season

My current Work in Progress. I know, i know.. its not winter but ive had these two balls of Rowan tweed sitting in my stash for a while and i really love the colours but didnt know what to knit with it. I decided something quick and easy was in order. Besides the colours kinda go with my new hat.... why cant it be Winter again so i can wear them and not look silly??
The only thing i dislike about this Rowan wool is that it snaps fairly easily if you tug it too tight. But thats something you just have to learn the hard way!

My Kitty!

My Kitty!

This is one of my gorgeous lil kitties, he's called Oscar, he lives with my parents and im going home tomorrow so i get to see him again!!
I'll post pics of my other two when i get pics of them. I took this one of Osc as he's proudly sporting the kittybed i knitted for him.

The pattern for this bed is available here courtesy of Wendy Knits. It was really easy to make and Oscar took to it with minimal persuasion. In fact he came back to it once to find our other cat Boysey curled up in it.
Oh the Horror!

My Funky Hat!!!

My Funky Hat!!

This was today's triumph.. Ive recently fallen in love with Colinette Point Five and whilst trawling through the abundance of free knitting patterns available on the net found this 'two hour' hat pattern.

I know its pretty simple but i love this yarn so much that i absolutely adore the hat and had to post a piccie!

I apologise for the quality of the pic it was taken on my mobile!

Wednesday, March 16


Hello, and welcome to my first ever post on my first ever blog!

To start i thought i'd let you in on a bit of info about me,
My name is Emily, im 20 years old im currently at birmingham university (england) reading archaeology and ancient history.
My mother taught me how to knit when i was younger but i only fairly recently taught myself how again. Whilst exploring the great wealth of info available on the web about knitting i came across blogging! So i decided to set one up of my own to try to talk to more like minded people! i.e. anyone else obsessed by knitting (hence the title)

Im originally from Newcastle and in a couple of months time i will be moving back there as i will have finished my degree so if there are any more geordie knitters out there i'd love to hear from you!!!